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Arms Tycoon features

Arms Tycoon

Forge your destiny over 1000 years of arms history beginning as a Swordsmith before the Crusades.

Playing through time you will unlock the secrets of crafting the deadliest weapons through the ages.

Special requests from kings or anonymous bidders will task you with creating some of the finest, or deadliest weapons.

Armies through history require arms to fight. Pick a side and supply them for a profit. Choose wisely, supplying the wrong side could cost you later.

Begin your journey

As a journeyman swordsmith, you are trained in the mystical art of creating blades. Begin by forging swords for the people, mercenaries, knights, and solidify your legacy crafting for kings. But this is only the beginning in a thousand year journey to become the greatest Arms Tycoon in all of history.

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