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Atlas continues to impress

James Feb 02

Atlas had a terrible launch day, there’s no doubt about that. The massive scale of the game, connecting multiple server nodes (called biomes) together to create a sprawling ocean world with islands for inhabiting, struggled to keep up with the amount of players logging into the freeports for the first time.

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I wondered if I would ever get in and play on the weekend on the launch. It was dreadful to see the high latency and ping on every server you tried.

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But, sticking with it has paid off. The servers have been massively optimised along with the client the game runs on. Issues with players who have less than the recommended 8GB of RAM have a Low Memory mode, and changes come thick and fast via patches. The creators know they have their work cut out for them, but they seem receptive to the player base.

We’ve seen some thing since the game went live, including an admin account being hacked and players having planes spawned in the game and flown into them, along with zerging from Chinese players. Though things have been fixed, it’s apparent that we’re in the Alpha stage of the games release.

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