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ATLAS changes help casual solo players

Atlas has had another update recently but there’s one key thing in upcoming updates that the devs have been addressing.

I“A large number of you have expressed that you are unable to make enough progress to reach this stage of the game, due to our hardcore design. Our thinking going forward, with the community’s help and feedback, we plan to make the game less punishing and reduce the steep climb required for players to reach the parts of the game which make it special. This means we’re going to be changing core systems to ensure that those who do not have as much time to invest or play in small groups or as solo players are still able to experience the highs seas of ATLAS.”

This is fantastic news for players that aren’t able to live online. Particularly players like myself who have families are the ones who don’t get the full experience that the game has to offer because of time constraints.

With this coming update, I’m hoping to see more of an influx of casual players to complement the sprawling companies and alliances in-game. For me, I’ll stick to the private server I’m part of.

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